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Donnerstag, 13.09.2005 - superb grapes
Kurz vor Erntebeginn hat Philippe Delfaut, der technische Leiter von Château Palmer, seiner Jahrgangs-Chronik ein neues aktuelles Kapitel zugefügt. Unter der Überschrift "2005: the driest year on record" schreibt er dort:

"Palmer's vines, on gravelly soil, have very deep roots. In 2005, the rootlets that form at the tips had to sink even deeper into the subsoil in search of the necessary water for proper vine development. In order to help the vines cope with this hydric stress, we limited the leaf canopy by eliminating side shoots, whose growth does not add anything, while consuming much-needed water. By the same token, thinning the vines in July made it possible to adjust the potential volume of quality grapes from each plot.

As of today, after a warm, dry, sunny summer, the grapes are perfectly healthy. Record- breaking sugar levels are accompanied by good acidity. Phenolic maturity is taking place more slowly, proving that very dry years create a lag between ripeness of the pulp and ripeness of the skins and pips. ?. So, just a few days away from the vintage, everything seems to indicate that the grapes are superb with the potential to make great wine."
Übrigens wurde die ganze Website von Château Palmer neu gestaltet und das Weblog ?the daily Palmer? ist jetzt online.
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