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Donnerstag, 28.02.2006 - astronomisch
Wir werden uns an die Mega-Superlative wohl gewöhnen müssen, wenn es um den Jahrgang 2005 in Bordeaux geht. In zwei kurzen Beiträgen in Marc Squire´s Wine Bulletin Board hat Robert Parker sich jetzt zu der beginnenden Hype geäussert. Auch er sieht die Tendenz und Gefahr astronomischer Preise allerdings mit gewissen Vorbehalten.
Some Brits have been rather shameful in their early hype...all of it trade initiated and given wide exposure by Decanter and Jancis.....for what purpose?....just adding fuel to the fire,and giving the impression that the wine trade...not just the Bordeaux chateaux, but all their sellers(brokers, importers, etc.) have a green light to exploit the consumer vis a vis pricing.....let the March/April tastings unfold and see what the consensus opinion might be.....the real question about the 2005s is not whether it is a top vintage(it is),but is it superior to the finest wines of 2003,2000,1998,1996,1995,1990,1989,and 1982?......if that proves to be the case, then prices will be astronomical......that is the bad news....yet the good news is that 2004s and lesser 2003s,2002s,and whatever stocks of 2001 and 1999 that remain will be dumped at distress sale prices....and actual drinkers....not speculators..... will benefit....
In einem zweiten Beitrag des Forums macht er deutlich, dass das spekulative Bordelaiser Primeur-Business genauso abhängig von der gesamtwirtschaftlichen und politischen Lage ist wie das reale Börsengeschehen.
There is the X-factor of some horrific terrorist event wrecking the world economy ...a dirty bomb or nuke detonated in a major city would obviously destroy any futures market in addition to economic stability least for the short term.....if 9/11 had occurred 4/11/01...the 2000 Bordeaux campaign would have been a disaster...aside from that...I don't see anything slowing this 2005 train down...except of course if the wines aren't as compelling as the Bordelais are proclaiming...but perhaps the wiser folks in Bordeaux will win the day with their pleas of financial restraint and prudence....I won't hold my breath...but we won't have long to wait for an answer either.....and certainly Bordeaux isn't the only game in town these days....
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