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Donnerstag, 02.10.2008 - Vintage- Interviews (2): Juliette Bécot

Das zweite Interview ist Juliette Bécot gewidmet, Tochter des Besitzers des Weinguts Château Beauséjour Bécot in Saint Emilion, die seit dem Jahr 2001 mit verantwortlich zeichnet für die Weine dieses Premier Grands Crus Classés sowie des Boutique-Weins von La Gomerie.

The 08 resembles the 02 more than any other vintage

Q The 2008 growing season so far seems to have been as challenging as 2007…
A Yes, it has been exhausting for the vineyard team; we even had some hail damage in August! We had to get straight out in the vineyard to get rid of all the fruit that was damaged by the hailstones, as this can easily set off an outbreak of botrytis.

Q This comes on top of another year of downy mildew…
A The downy mildew threat was as bad, if not worse, than last year. We had to programme the spray treatments very carefully, sometimes even on Sundays to make sure we kept the disease at bay. As you can see, the vines have been well protected, and the foliage is looking lovely. We only lost about 5% of the crop through downy mildew. The problems this year were really brought about by the bad flowering in June which resulted in coulure and millerandage. The size of the crop varies from plot to plot, but generally speaking, the volume will be small, especially as we have had to do some crop thinning in the Cabernet plots, which were less affected, and even in some of the Merlot that had a normal crop load.

Q What picking dates have you set?
A For the Merlot here in Saint Emilion we are 7 to 8 days behind normal schedule. However, in other appellations, such as Côtes de Castillon, it’s more like 9 to 10 days behind. So at La Gomerie we have set October 6 as the picking date, at least that is what we would like. However, we have to weigh up the risk of botrytis threat against what we could gain from some extra days of ripening. The night temperatures are so low, I’m not sure if that extra ripening can be attained. If the weather forecast is rainy, we won’t take the risk of waiting. On the other hand, we’ve cut away any bunches that are causing compacting (and therefore a risk of rot) and we’ve done careful de-leafing, so if the weather stays fine October 6 will be the date.

Q Would you say it’s a case of 2007 all over again?
A It’s been tricky, but much less stressful than 07 because we have had periods of lovely sunshine since the beginning of the summer. July was good, and the storms have been much less frequent than last year. But rain returned at the end of August before this dry, cool and sunny weather set in. We’ve done quite a bit of sampling of berries, and the consensus is that at this particular stage the 08 resembles the 02 more than any other vintage.

Q You mention the difficulties of the 2007 growing season, but in the end Beauséjour Bécot got some of the best ratings…
A We were very happy with our 07 vintage, and it’s true that the critics generally liked it, particularly in Europe and Asia. We were a little disappointed with the reaction in the USA, particularly with the Wine Advocate, which only gave us 86-88, which was below what we had expected given the level of quality we believed we had achieved. But generally we scored well, and this gave us great satisfaction.

Q How is the 07 looking now?
A It has developed well in barrel, and we are planning to rack it back into vats in January 2009 to make sure we preserve the fruit freshness and avoid any drying.

Q The fresh fruit characters of 07 are typical characteristics of this vintage, but since the primeurs tasting last April, has the wine evolved? >A It now has greater density, volume, fat and sweetness. It will in fact be a good vintage to lay down. It has turned out to be better than the 06.

Q How did the market react to your primeurs campaign?
A Sales went very well. We released the whole of the crop, and 90% of it has already been sold. Our opening price was 22 euros, down from 27 euros in 06 for Beauséjour. For La Gomerie, we came out at 33, down from 38 in 06.
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