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Donnerstag, 05.10.2008 - Vintage-Interview (5) Coralie de Boüard
Erstaunliches weiss Coralie de Boüard (28), die Tochter des Besitzers von Château Angélus Hubert de Boüard, zu berichten. Während die meisten ihrer Mitbewerber alle Hände voll zu tun haben und hatten, um der Fäulnis in ihren Weinbergen Herr zu werden, sind die Reben dieses Prestige-Château an der Côte von Saint Emilion nach ihren Angaben völlig gesund. Zusammen mit ihrem Vater, einem hochangesehnen Bordelaiser Önologen, ist sie verantwortlich für die Weine von Angélus und des Weingutes La Fleur de Boüard in Lalande de Pomerol, das die Familie 1998 erwarb. Ausserdem spricht die seit 2003 für die PR des Betriebes zuständige Coralie de Boüard in diesem Interview offen über die Kampagne für den Jahrgang 2007.

The demand in Asia was very strong

Q Most growers in Bordeaux are saying that the 07 growing season has been as difficult, if not harder, than last year, in spite of some nice weather in the summer…
A Well, I’ve heard the same thing, but we don’t appear to have had any problems here at Angélus. I think we are always working at full capacity in the vineyards, anyway. As far as downy mildew is concerned, there was a huge threat in the Bordeaux region, but we sprayed carefully as always, and we’ve had no losses.

Q What about coulure and millerandage?
A We don’t have any of that either. When you go outside the château into the vineyard you can see for yourself. We have even had to do some severe crop thinning this season. Everybody was worried about botrytis a couple of weeks ago, but with this dry, cool, sunny weather, the threat has receded. As long as the rain doesn’t return, we’re OK.

Q When will you be picking?
A We are definitely behind schedule. We’ll be harvesting in October rather than September this year. It will be about at least 10 days later than the average picking dates, more if the weather allows us to wait.

Q Do you feel that the 08 is in some ways a repetition of the 07?
A No, not at all. My father and I agree that at this stage the 08 is looking more like the 04 vintage with slightly later picking dates. As long as we don’t have rain in the lead-up to the harvest, I think we are on course for a vintage on a par with the 04. The skins are thick, the colour potential is excellent, the tannins are ripening, so we are feeling pretty optimistic at the moment.

Q Many estates are complaining about a poor flowering in 08…
A Everything went smoothly here. We have no complaints. Maybe there are some isolated cases of coulure which you will find if you look hard, but generally speaking we haven’t suffered from a poor flowering.

Q So, it’s fingers crossed at Angélus for continuing dry, sunny weather between now and the harvest…
A Exactly!

Q How has your 2007 been evolving in barrel?
A We’ve now racked it, and it’s looking very good. We were especially pleased with its performance during the futures campaign. I think the hard work we put in to promote this vintage has paid off handsomely. We have sold the quantity we set out to sell. We’ll now be doing our best to help the Bordeaux merchants and their importers with it in the market.

Q What was the Angélus 07 opening price?
A 85 euros, which was 25 euros less than the 06. The price drop was very well accepted; the Bordeaux merchants responded well.

Q What about the merchants? Have they had some success re-selling it on the export market, for example?
A The demand in Asia was very strong. There was also good demand in Europe, in countries such as Russia and Germany. Generally, the emerging markets have been buying well. We have done a lot of promotional work in those countries, as well as in the US. We are going to focus more on traditional markets like Belgium and the UK as from this month.

Q What sort of feedback have you had from the US? Surely the exchange rate has put a brake on sales of Angélus…
A Yes, it has. Our importers warned us well in advance that they would not be buying the 07. We’ve even had e-mails with apologies about the situation. It’s just a problem of exchange rate, but this won’t stop us going back to the US to continue promoting our wines. I’ve already got a full programme on both coasts there in October and November.
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