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Donnerstag, 18.08.2009 - Stéphane Derenencourt über den Jahrgang 2009
In der August-Ausgabe seines Newsletters veröffentlicht der britische Weinhändler Andrew Black ein Interview mit Stéphane Derenencourt, in dem der prominente Weinmacher und Consultant eine erste Einschätzung zum Jahrgang 2009 abgibt. Das Gespräch fand bereits am 22. Juli statt und berücksichtigt also noch nicht die positiven Wetterbedingungen des Monats August. Ich gebe hier einen Auszug des englischen Originals wieder:

FRAGE: So far, has the 2009 growing season been easier in the vines than 07 and 08?

SRENENCOURT: Yes, much easier in terms of disease threat. The spring was less rainy, less damp than the two previous springs.

FRAGE: How much of an impact did the hail storms finally have on the 2009 crop?

DERENENCOURT: Hail generally strikes in a sporadic way, and as a result, hail damage ranged from 0 to 100%. For some the hail damage was insignificant; for others it was dramatic, resulting not only in zero crop but also complications for pruning.

FRAGE: Some growers have been predicting an early harvest. Do you agree?

DERENENCOURT: No, it won’t be an early harvest. In terms of ripeness, or picking dates, it will be around average. However, it will be earlier than 2008, which went down as a late harvest.

FRAGE: The crop load appears to be quite large… is this the time to do some crop thinning or should we wait till the grapes have changed colour?

DERENENCOURT: The crop load is generally not that big. It is, however, nicely balanced. I really like this kind of year when we go into the harvest to pick what we pruned for. It seems to me like good viticultural practice. The flowering was not perfect and led to a little coulure, which in turn produced quite loose and well-ventilated bunches, which is a very good sign for quality. Most of the plots we have observed, though, will require a light thinning towards the end of colour-change in order to even out the ripening.
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