Subskription 2011
Letzte Einträge - Bordeaux Subskription 2011
Donnerstag, 27.03.2009 - James Miles / LIV-EX über das Marktumfeld.....

James Miles, einer der Direktoren von LIV-EX bringt das Marktgeschehen auf den Punkt:

"Clearly the 2008 will be a very difficult campaign. It's not our business to taste the wines, but we know it was a difficult year, and the quality is not going to be exception. But even if it was, fine wine is very much a play on the wealthiest consumers, and they are the ones who have been hit hardest by the current crisis. The only way this campaign will sell is if it's cheap. And it's a question of whether the chateaux have the appetite to cut their prices (and sterling is 15% weaker than last year). I would envisage that there will be very little secondary markets for the 2008, unless prices get absurdly cheap."
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