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Donnerstag, 16.01.2007 - Arrivage 2003 in Tokyo und New York
Über eine Arrivage-Verkostung mit 2003er Weine aus Saint Emilion berichtet Eric Asimov in der Kolumne ?Dining & Wine? der New York Times: ?St.-Émilions, Ripe From the Heat of 2003?. Sein Fazit nach 25 Weinen: ?? we found them to be greatly enjoyable. The best were juicy and rich, bordering on jammy but never quite crossing over into baked or raisiny flavors. The heat of the vintage was evident in the dark power of the wines and in the abundance of ripe fruit, but the best wines were balanced and surprisingly fresh.?

Und die Japan Times bringt einen Bericht von Nobuko Hara über das Arrivage Tasting im Hotel Okura in Tokyo: ?Bordeaux breaks the bank?. Interessant ist dabei vor allem ihr Gespräch mit Caroline Dedieu (Château Pichon-Longueville):
? in addition to the established markets in the United States, Europe and Japan, experts point to growing interest in top-quality wine in the growing markets of Russia, India and China. Apparently, it was with their eyes on those markets, and others now emerging, that the Bordeaux producers included China, South Korea and Taiwan as stops on the 2006 yearend Asian promotional tour that also brought them to Tokyo. In Korea, according to Caroline Dedieu, commercial manager at the Bordeaux-based Chateau Pichon-Longueville, demand has rocketed by 100 percent in recent years, though from a small base. "The Asian market is very important for us," she commented during the tasting. Although California, Italy, Spain and Australia all produce top-quality wines that also improve with age, Bordeaux remains the biggest single producing region and, Dedieu said, it currently exports 70 percent of its output of such wines.?
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