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In einem Gespräch mit dem britischen Weinhändler Andrew Black hat Pierre Lurton, Regisseur von Château ChevaL blanc und Château d´Yquem, seine Einschätzung des Jahrgangs 2010 präzisiert. Er vergleicht ihn jetzt eher mit 2005 als mit 2009. Bei aller Dichte und Intensität sei er ungemein frisch und von einer Textur wie Cashmere und Seide.

QUESTION There was a buzz of excitement at Cheval Blanc during the 2010 harvest. How have things progressed since then?

LURTON The malolactic fermentations took a while to get going, but they’re now slowly getting towards the end. Those batches that have finished are rounder and sexier than before. The buzz is still there!

QUESTION Has the slowness of the malolactics been a concern?

LURTON Not at all. They’ve decided to go at their own pace; and little by little they’ve done their work, and the wines will soon be racked into barrel.

QUESTION Are you as excited about the 2010 as you were about the 2009?

LURTON Yes, but it’s a different excitement. It’s not the same wine at all. The two vintages have different tasting profiles. In 2010, there is a lot of freshness and acidity coming through, more so than in 2009. Tannins are richer, and the wines are straighter and denser.

QUESTION How has the Merlot performed in 2010?

LURTON It‘s very ripe and incredibly silky and has outstanding aromatic definition.

QUESTION And the Cabernet Franc?

LURTON The Cabernet Franc has performed brilliantly once again. It’s fresh, complex, dense, long, refined, and has great pedigree. Cashmere Cabernet Franc!

QUESTION What can you already detect in the aromas of these wines?

LURTON Purity, definition, precision and complexity! The black fruit aromas of the Merlot are beautifully balanced with amazing freshness. The grapes ripened slowly and this has given great precision to the fruit characters.

QUESTION What about on the palate?

LURTON Good length and density. They are beautifully balanced right through from the attack to the finish. They display fullness and volume.

QUESTION In a couple of words, how would you differentiate between the 2009 and 2010?

LURTON 2009: Fat and generous (similar to 1998 and 1990), 2010: Precise, dense and fresh (similar to 2005)

QUESTION Will 2010 be one of those great long-ageing vintages?

LURTON That’s already obvious. The two important ingredients for long-ageing are there in the 2010: acidity and tannins.

QUESTION Do you have a clear idea of what proportions will go into Cheval Blanc and Petit Cheval?

LURTON The selection process will follow the usual lines. No compromises will be made with the First Wine; the Cheval Blanc must be of outstanding quality. I imagine though that the proportion going into the grand vin will be “comfortable”. In great years we always make more First Wine.

QUESTION You are confident then that we can look forward to a 2010 which will be like a fresh and dense 2005.

LURTON Yes, I am!
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