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Donnerstag, 20.04.2010 - 2009er Lafite Rothschild 1.000 Euro ?
Robert Parker hat sich in seinem Forum in einer Diskussion zum 2009er Jahrgang zu Wort gemeldet und seine Meinung zu den Preisen der 2009er Premier Crus kund getan. Das letzte Mal als er sich zur Preisentwicklung eines anderen Jahrgangs äußerte wurden seine Vorhersagen schneller Wirklichkeit als gedacht. Lesen Sie selbst:

"My two cents,and predictions....although Gil has it about right...the first growths will come out in mid-late May...tiny premier tranche(release)at 2005 opening prices...then the world market will panic(falsely) because they perceive wine shortages as the Bordelais masterfully manipulate the market....second tranche prices and subsequent ones will set all-time records(futures buyers of 2005 will look very astute,geezers like me with lots of 03 Medocs, 00s,98 right bankers,96 Medocs,90s,and 82s will need to dramatically increase our insurance as our net worth soars))....expect 2009 Lafite at 1,000 euros by September----regardless of what I say about it..these are luxury brands today...the Chinese have preordered 3X the total quantity of first growths produced...not kidding about this...forget the firsts unless you are a partner in Goldman Sachs....the real danger is the other top 200-250 chateaux in Bordeaux pegging their prices proportionately to what the firsts demand..and all the complaining on this BB or any other one won't make one difference in the production wines from top vintages...whether it be Burgundy or Bordeaux, have more and more admirers while the quantity is finite...and there is no reason to cry about much great wine in the world from less prestigious regions with dramatically fewer chasers...if you don't take advantage of that....shame on you..."
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